Party culture

Creating a supportive culture

Joining a political party can be intimidating, especially if you have never been involved in politics before. To enable new members to feel at ease and get involved in activities quickly, it can be beneficial to invest in induction and training. This will be beneficial for the party because you will increase the number of active members who feel confident campaigning for you.

  • Holding a new members morning on the first day of your annual conference to explain how debates are organised and how members can vote on motions and resolutions
  • Organising training sessions on things like: explaining party policy, how to do canvassing and answering tricky questions from voters
  • Holding regular political education sessions to discuss policy, different perspectives on policy and challenge assumptions and attitudes members might have
  • Holding a regular social event which is inclusive, advertised to all members and is free
  • Giving each new member an induction pack, with information about and contacts at the local party
  • Asking local party committee members to introduce themselves to people they don’t recognise or haven’t met before
  • Asking your party leader to attend a local event and meet new members
  • Running a survey of members about what support they might need

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