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This guidance is for political parties and their regional structures and branches in Scotland who want to increase the diversity of their membership, candidates and staff. It accompanies the Equal Representation in Politics online self-assessment tool. The free online tool enables you to assess how inclusive your current practice and activities are and provides tailored advice and guidance and an action plan of the steps you can take to advance equality and diversity in your activities.

Equality in our politics and our political institutions is beneficial for everyone. Being fair and inclusive will allow you to attract a diverse range of members to your party and will enrich your policy discussions. Diversity improves democracy at all levels of communities and could have a positive impact on the success of your political party.

This guidance provides parties with information and advice about how the organisational culture of your party can have an impact on the number of people from protected groups who want to be involved in a political party.

There is a checklist which suggests actions that your party should take to improve your equalities practice in this area.

All answers you give are anonymous, and are just used to create your equality action plan. No data is collected, and we will not be able to release any information about the results of the tool.

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