Events, Activities and Elections

1Do you know what a reasonable adjustment is?

2When organising a meeting or event do you think about the following? (please tick all that apply)

3Do you think your party aims for a high standard of accessibility and inclusivity at a national event or conference?

4Are children welcome to attend your events?

5Do you have a crèche at larger events and conferences?

6Do you have some gender neutral toilets at your events?

7Are people able to participate remotely in your events even if they can’t attend the meeting in person?

8What methods do you use for people to participate remotely? (please tick all that apply)

9Does progressing in the party require … ?

 YesNoI don't have this information
A significant increase in hours out campaigning
Being a member of the party for long time

10John has a mental health condition. He is enthusiastic about helping your candidate win at the next election. However, due to his mental health condition, he doesn’t want to canvass. He has asked you for a different campaigning task without disclosing he is disabled. Do you think someone like John would be able to fully participate in your party?

11Do you actively recruit new members who are LGBTI, ethnic minority, women, and disabled?

12How do you recruit these new members? (please tick all that apply)

13Do you ever review your recruitment strategy?

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