Events, Activities and Elections


Barriers to attending and participating

  • Venues are physically accessible and accessible by public transport
  • Gender neutral toilets are available
  • It is clearly stated whether children are able to attend the event and actions are taken to enable people with caring responsibilities to fully participate
  • Meetings aren’t always in the evenings
  • There is a welcome steward and name badges for participants
  • Reasonable adjustments are anticipated
  • There are no communication barriers for people attending. Everyone can understand and contribute to discussion

Beyond the basics – conferences

  • Staff and volunteers have received safeguarding and equality awareness training
  • The event has a welfare and inclusion officer
  • Additional services are available such as a crèche and quiet room
  • The event programme has adequate breaks and a diverse speaker list
  • Information is available in alternative formats such as braille or on CD
  • Consideration has been made about the accessibility and facilities in the area around the venue including: street clutter, transport, and accommodation
  • There is financial assistance to help pay for accommodation and transport
  • Dietary requirements are considered
  • It is clearly stated that abusive language will not be tolerated
  • People are free not to participate if they don’t want to

Participating remotely

  • Members are able to participate in meetings via digital methods such as Skype or social media
  • Events are filmed and shared
  • People are able to vote via post or by proxy

Campaigning activities

  • A variety of campaigning activities are available
  • People are offered tasks which match their skills and experience
  • Volunteer job descriptions/role briefs are available to members

Challenging presenteeism

  • Presenteeism and a long-hours culture is challenged. Breaks are encouraged
  • All roles are equally valued

Recruiting new members

  • Action is taken to recruit more LGBTI, ethnic minority, disabled people and women to the party
  • Outreach activities are held at diverse range of events and locations
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