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Outreach activities

Outreach activities are a great way to promote you party, speak to voters, and encourage people to get involved in your activities. Face to face outreach can be particularly effective at engaging with people from underrepresented groups who might be interested in your policies but sceptical that they would feel welcome in the party.

When thinking about outreach activities try and be innovative in where you go and who you reach out to. For example, if you want to attract more people from a minority ethnic community don’t just approach the local religious leaders and ask for a meeting. Hold a stall at a local community centre, play group, youth project, or festival. You could consider varying the times that you run the stall. You could also approach an organisation like CEMVO or BEMIS for information and advice or get involved in issues affecting that underrepresented group. Prioritising outreach activities will help you recruit new, talented individuals and can be a helpful way to train current members be more confident in communicating the aims and work of the party.

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